Vi finns även på 0770-220 720
Vi finns även på 0770-220 720


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Make money from your tech skills! We are growing fast and employing more tech support fixers

Are you the friend in the gang or relative that everyone asks for help when it comes to tech troubleshooting? With us you will solve technology problems with computers, networks and TV reception and in addition get paid for your skills. We have over 500 technology fixers throughout the country but are constantly recruiting more. The assignments are usually quite simple for you as a technical expert and the customer is usually in your local area.

Freedom to work whenever you want

You choose yourself in which areas you want to work and when. You can access open assignments via our app. Together with the customer you decide a time that suits both of you. We make no demands on when or how much you should work, you decide for yourself! The salary is SEK 220 for the first hour charged and SEK 150 for additional hours. The length of the assignments varies, but they usually last about two hours. Read more here>>

Want to take on assignments? Start with our knowledge test consisting of 100 questions

To be able to take on assignments we require that you have completed and passed the fixer test, which is divided into six categories on different sub-pages and you get 25 minutes on you in total. You must answer all questions before proceeding to the next page. The test must be done in one swipe. At the bottom of the screen is a clock that counts down and shows how much time you have left.

Start the Support Technician Test >>

Good luck with the test and welcome to us at Hemfixare! We need you!