Fixare policy and corporate culture Hemfixarna

Hemfixarna is a modern, reliable and transparent service company that delivers affordable services to primarily private individuals in their homes. The core of the business is our Fixers who are certified and validated by us before we release them on an assignment. The fixer works independently with the customers, but the company Hemfixarnas always guarantees quality and delivery and is the sender of the assignment.

The fixer’s behavior is crucial for the customer’s experience and this document has been prepared to regulate and clarify certain important rules for how we behave with our customers.

Behavior in the customer’s home

Our Fixers are our representatives and our face outwards. Each Fixare’s contribution is assessed (rejected) after each assignment and we must always be on our toes for our customers. We will:

Customer’s time and cost

The home fixers normally work on an ongoing basis. The charge is made per half hour started. The minimum compensation is one hour. We always try to avoid unnecessarily complicated solutions to the customer’s problems, but we are also not looking for quick and short-term solutions. We will:

Involve the customer in the solution

Our customers have turned to us for help. Either because you can not or do not have time to solve the problem yourself. The absolute best way to get a satisfied customer is to involve the customer in troubleshooting and choosing a solution. This is to avoid complaints due to misunderstandings where the customer did not understand what we did and why. We must therefore:


Satisfied customers are a prerequisite for Hemfixarna’s growth and the foundation of our business. The goal is always 100% satisfied customers. Therefore, rating and cooperation with TrustPilot is a matter of course. In accordance with the employment agreement, we have the right to deactivate Fixers that do not create customer satisfaction. Therefore, we must:

Privacy and handling of login information

Hemfixarna strives to gain customers’ trust and build long-term relationships with the customer. Protecting the customer’s integrity is a matter of course. Therefore, we must:

 Our own security

No Fixer should ever feel insecure during assignments. Therefore, we must always cancel and leave the home if we feel threatened. If we find illegalities that are so serious that it leads to severe penalties (such as child pornography, etc.), we do not confront the customer but report to the Customer Service after we have left the home.

Corporate culture

Together we build the company Hemfixarna. A Fixer loves to help other Fixers on our internal chat forum and also uses it himself to gain knowledge and solutions. Even if we do not meet on a daily basis, we work together in the same company. The chat is where we hang out and socialize as others do in “regular” workplaces.

All Fixers are ambassadors for Hemfixarna and speak well of the company. We are all proud to be a Fixer and to represent the company Hemfixarna, which we are happy to spread both live and on social merits.

Hemfixarna is a serious company that has agreed collaborations with many of the country’s leading suppliers and operators. Complying with laws, regulations and agreements is a matter of course for us. Fixers who violate this are deactivated in accordance with the employment contract.

Hemfixarna Nordic AB / 2021-06-01